IB-ND Vaccine

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    It contains Infectious bronchitis virus (H-120 strain) and Newcastle disease virus (B1 strain) propagated in SPF chicken egg.
    For vaccination of healthy chickens, as an aid in the preventing Infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease (B1 strain)
Dosage and Administration
Drinking water method
    • Distribute the vaccine solution. Provide no other drinking water until all the vaccine treated water has been consumed. Provide enough watering space so that at least twothirds of the total chicken flocks can drink at one time. Add powdered skim milk by 0.3~0.5% as a demulcent to enhance the vaccination effect. Do not use any sterilizer, detergent, sanitizers and all medication form drinking water, preferably 72 hours before vaccination and 24 hours following vaccination. Give the bird no water for at least two hours prior to vaccination. Dilute 1,000 doses of vaccine with natural cold water as per the followings.
– Corresponds to 1/3 of the standard daily water volume at 21℃. Increase or decrease depending on the breed, season and specification control.
Age 7 days old 14 days old 28 days old More than 2 month
Layer 6L 6L 22L 40L
Broller 11L 16L 36L
Packing unit
    1,000 doses, 2,000 doses, 5,000 doses
    • · Store at 2 to 8℃ and protect from light.
    • · Vaccinate only healthy chickens.
    • · Keep out of the children.
  • · Use by veterinarian’s instruction, and veterinary use only.


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