Enroflox doser

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Product Name: ENROFLOX

Generic Name: ENROFLOX

Dosage Strength: Each 100 mL contains:

Enrofloxacin base                           10g

  1. Active and non-effective materials with their quantities
INGREDIENTS Strength per 100 ml Batch Quantity per 100L
Enrofloxacin base 10 gm 10 kg
Acid acetic 3 ml 3 liters
Nipagin 0.5 mg 0.5 g
Nipasol 0.05 mg 0.05 g
Propylen glycol 10 g 10 kg
Benzyl alcohol 5 g 5 kg
Water for Injection 100 ml 100 liters
  1. The shelf life of the medicine and storage conditions

Shelf-life of the unopened bottle – 2 years

Shelf-life of the opened bottle – 3 months


VII.1 Withdrawal time


For meat: 14 days

For milk: 5 days

For poultry: 10 days


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